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Lipstick Art For Badass Superhero Women

Lipstick Art For Badass Superhero Women

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Most of the superheroes in the comic realm are men. I always wonder why that is. Is there even a female evil superhero? I mean, is Catwoman evil or good? Maybe I am just a noob when it comes to superheroes, but I must admit, there are too few female superheroes in existence today. It feels like a perfect match to add more female superheroes than males these days. I don’t know the percentage of female and male readers of comics, but I am pretty sure the males are in the lead. So, why on earth aren’t there more female superheroes? How many times have I asked that question now? Well, it can’t be asked enough.

In real life, there are more female superheroes than male. Their badass approach to things usually eclipses that of the males, and to commemorate that, I thought some good lipstick art was something that might point the Marvel and DC Comics artists in the right direction. If they would just reach out to social media and see all the geekery that woman are stirring up at the moment, they’d see that a few more female superheroes are definitely needed.

Photographer Jonathan Knowles and makeup artist Celine Nonon decided to put some awesomeness on the lips of women, and they created these badass lipstick art pictures. Imagine yourself going to work sporting one of these. You’d get instant attention, and no one would be able to argue that you have superpowers for the rest of your career. Well, that is if your boss isn’t lame enough to ban all such art in the office. Then again, superheroes are always living on the edge anyway, so why shouldn’t you, right? Props to all the female social media badasses out there. Keep up the good work!




Via: [Geekologie]

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