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Lightsaber Sneakers Light Up The True Path

Lightsaber Sneakers Light Up The True Path

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Sometimes you need to start an article by asking a question, a question that might set the mood for the rest of the article. In this particular case, the question is what do you consider to be your most geeky clothing or fashion item? We all have something that we put on every once in a while in order to fully tell the world that we’re all about the geek. I am almost certain that some of you will mention something that has to do with Star Wars, so I thought I might tell you about the incredibly geeky lightsaber sneakers that are now available. Even though these lightsaber sneakers are for toddlers and kids, you have to admit that sporting your kid in a pair of these will surely send the message across that you, as a parent, know exactly what geek is all about.

Not only are these lighsaber sneakers geeky, but they are quite good for safety as well. The LED lightsabers that grace the sides of the shoes will light up and make sure that everyone around your child easily notices him or her. It’s similar to a reflector when it is dark outside. Not only that, but your kid also gets to choose sides. Is it going to be the Jedi or the Sith? That is entirely up to your kid I guess.

These lightsaber sneakers are made available by Amazon and start at around $48. If you thought Nike, Reebok or Adidas sneakers made a statement, these should take you beyond statement and set the facts straight. Sneakers hardly get any more geeky than this. I am sure it won’t be long until we start seeing more clothing or fashion items that incorporate a lot more technology. The developers of Star Wars, Lucasfilm, have long been experimenting will all kinds of products, and I am quite sure that these lightsaber sneakers will not be the last of their inventions and designs.





Via: [Craziest Gadgets]

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