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LightBomber App: Jazz Up Your Photos With Light Painting

LightBomber App: Jazz Up Your Photos With Light Painting

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

Light painting never gets old. I remember writing about it back in 2009 when it started to get really popular, and it’s never died down. Even recently, Darren Pearson’s “Breaking Bones” animated gif put together from his light painting photo series went viral. In case you missed it, I put it below for you to see. It’s a break dancing skeleton that can really bust a move. Today I stumbled across an app that will let us get in on all the light painting fun. It will allow you to put light effects on your own photos. It’s called LightBomber.

According to the LightBomber website, you can use their custom long exposure camera and their lights to create light trails, light graffiti and nightlife portraits. As you can see in some of the examples below, there are truly unlimited uses for this little light effect. You can promote yourself, make a photo look more artsy and abstract or even create something completely original.

Keep in mind, getting your photos to look like you want them will take a little longer than just using Instagram for example, but the effort will be worth it since you’ll end up with an fabulously unusual photo that you can share with the world. You can check out the video below to see it in action. According to YouTube, LightBomber is the only long exposure, light painting app created by light painters. When you start messing around with it, you’ll be able to tell it was created by people who actually do light painting. In a world filled with photo manipulation techniques, I think you’ll agree that this one is in a class of its own. You can pick it up on iTunes for a buck. Even to this day, I’m still blown away that we can get creative apps like this for only a dollar. Soooo much fun!

LightBomber – A Light Painting App To Light Up Your Photos






Darren Pearson’s “Breaking Bones” Light Painting

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