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Life-Size Pop Out Assembly Kits Of Real-Life Everyday Objects

Life-Size Pop Out Assembly Kits Of Real-Life Everyday Objects

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Sometimes life grabs you by the tail and sends you an awesome laugh. Today is one of those days that caught me by surprise. It’s when the geekiest products (creative outlets) cross your path that you know human creativity is beyond what we could ever imagine. If there is a problem, we can always solve it. What I am writing about in this article today proves my point. Behold these genius life-size pop out assembly kits that will have you bust out in a laugh.

When creativity started poking at Swedish artist Michael Johansson‘s mind, the most unlikely concept was the result. According to Michael, products come in such boring packaging these days that he decided to spice it up a little. He decided that ordinary everyday objects like boats, gardening tools and all kinds of other stuff, would be better if delivered to us in injection-molded assembly kits. My first thought when I saw this was, how can you not think this is ridiculously funny and cool at the same time?

It is, and maybe that is why this thing is spreading like a wildfire on the Internet right now. The fact that Michael put down so much work and planning into all of these assembly kits is just a testament to his great skills as an artist. In order to create all of these, you would have to break down everything into its building parts and then try to fit them all into these injection-molded pop out assembly kits. Whether these are actual injection-molded assembly kits or just insanely realistic renderings I don know. But I do know that if they aren’t already realized, they should be.

Michael Johansson’s idea behind these is that he wants the viewer to look at the components of each object and see how they relate to one another. Now after seeing this, you have to admit that with 3D printing technology progressing so fast, this could actually become a way for companies to deliver their products to us – especially companies that offer assembly on your own-products, like IKEA for example.

Michael Johansson’s Life-Size Assembly Kits






Via: [psfk]

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