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Full Scale Build Project: Millennium Falcon Cockpit Done!

Full Scale Build Project: Millennium Falcon Cockpit Done!

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Remember the full scale Millennium Falcon project we wrote about approximately a year ago? Well, the project has progressed quite a bit and even though the builders undertaking the massive project only do it on their spare time, they have still managed to build something quite amazing. Even though I personally wouldn’t call the Millennium Falcon cockpit “done” by any extent of the imagination, it still is a cockpit after all, don’t you agree?

The project which received viral success about a year ago has not exactly been sparse when it comes to updates, but the project is long, and every detail is being meticulously incorporated. It is called The Full Scale Millennium Falcon Project, and it is a daunting task of building, which I think would make any fan or model builder weak in the knees. If a deadline has been set as to when they are to have the whole ship done, I can’t imagine that it will be anytime soon.

So what about the progress? Well, there has been a lot done, and the level of detail that goes into their build is nothing less than mind-boggling, so every update is a hefty pile of information to take in. For a Star Wars fan that is of course quite appealing, and I can’t keep myself from checking it out every couple of days. The minute this build is done it is going to go viral for sure. For now, we’ll have to settle our craving with the fact that the Millennium Falcon cockpit is “done”. As explained, the cockpit in itself is done, but everything in it still needs a little bit more attention.

I am sure that when the whole thing has been built, all the lights and functionalities are going to be put in as well, not exactly a small job either. I guess the only thing that would impress Star Wars fans even more than this Millennium Falcon cockpit build is probably a real functioning ship that could actually fly. Well, that is not going to happen anytime soon so settle down and wipe that drool from your chin. Welcome to the world of awesomeness, a Star Wars legend is being brought into the real world, and it is utterly exciting.

Millennium Falcon Cockpit Build Tour

Millennium Falcon Cockpit Project

Millennium Falcon Cockpit Project

Millennium Falcon Cockpit Project

Millennium Falcon Cockpit Project

Via: [DVICE]

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