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Guy Builds Life-Size Claw Arcade Game Entirely Out Of LEGO

Guy Builds Life-Size Claw Arcade Game Entirely Out Of LEGO

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Do you remember those Claw arcade games over at the arcade or at the amusement park when you were a little kid? You know those almost impossible claw machines that swallowed your hard-earned coins like it was bottomless and hardly ever giving you something for it? Well, a YouTuber called rogvibest7 has put together what is perhaps the most retrofied LEGO build ever, and it is a life-sized Claw arcade game with coin slot and all.

The Claw arcade game is a particularly advanced build if you would ever attempt to build one yourself. It is not only about putting together a cage where you throw in a ton of plush toys. Nope, there is a whole lot of mechanics behind it and this LEGO fanatic has incorporated a ton of features into it as well, of course only using LEGO.

I wish I could tell you how many pieces went into this build, but I have been unsuccessful in finding that number out. However, that is not really the deal with this Claw arcade game. It is more about its features. First off, the game won’t start until you drop a coin into the slot, and you can’t use just any coin, it has to be the right size. That in itself is quite an achievement when you think about it. It is amazing how the builder has been able to incorporate all that into the little LEGO box that is sitting in front of the Claw arcade game.

The claw in itself is operated by a joystick that of course is made out of LEGO. As this build is using LEGO Technic as well, the builder has used that to power it, and make sure you only have a certain amount of game time to adjust and position the claw before it is lowered and potentially grabbing what you want. If you thought the real Claw arcade game units were hard, then this is probably going to annoy the heck out of you. Being that the claws are made out of LEGO, it’s not exactly super strong so it might take you a while before you get the hang of it. However, this is definitely one of those master builds you just have to check out – Oh, and it also has a secret way to get your money back. Check out the video to find out how!

Rogvibest7’s LEGO Technic Claw Arcade Game

LEGO Claw Arcade Game

LEGO Claw Arcade Game

LEGO Claw Arcade Game

LEGO Claw Arcade Game

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