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Make Your Own Levitating Death Star Desk Toy For Your Office

Make Your Own Levitating Death Star Desk Toy For Your Office

3 Years Ago By Diana Adams

There you are, sitting at your desk, trying to find the inspiration and creativity required to finish up that client project. It’s not coming easily, and you need a little something to remind you that anything is possible when you put your mind to it. How about a levitating Death Star desk toy to free your mind and allow you to start exploring the universe of ideas that are available to you? You can’t buy this floating Death Star, but you can easily make it for you or someone in your office.

This desk toy is sleek, stylish and ohhhh so geeky. Thanks to Backwards Lamb Props, you can whip up one of these in no time at all. You’ll need a levitating globe to get started, and you can find one of those here on eBay for about $25. You can click over to How To: Make A Levitating Star Wars Death Star for the rest of the instructions.

You’ll basically be transforming the globe into the Death Star. It’s the lighting that adds such a neat effect and makes it look so good. The size of your floating Death Star of course depends on the size of the globe you purchase. You’ll have to determine how much available space you have on your desk. Those globes start out small and go up to a standard size globe, which is pretty big.

So forget all those silly pencil holders and figurines you have sitting on your desk to entertain you. Instead, build something that nobody else in your office has. Make your own Death Star desk toy, and you’ll be the most popular Jedi in your office. Well, that is, if you are all Star Wars geeks like we are here.

DIY Levitating Death Star Desk Toy





Via: [MAKE] [Backwards Lamb Props]

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