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Lego Words Puzzle: A More Challenging Advertising Idea

Lego Words Puzzle: A More Challenging Advertising Idea

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

We all know Lego can be quite challenging if you suddenly find yourself entirely out of inspiration or creativity. Believe me, it has happened and will keep happening, and it’s all thanks to the block. Why? Well, there are only so many things you can build with a Lego set containing a limited number of blocks. You can try to bend, flip and rotate the blocks in hopes that you will find some undiscovered way of putting them together to form a new kind of… well, build, but as we have all experienced, Lego just doesn’t rock like that. It’s way more reserved and only marries with other blocks, which is just how it’s been for years and years since it was first announced and released.

Lego as a brand has never been stronger than it is today, and much of it is thanks to the innovative and fun way they make their ads. We’ve seen a lot of them here on Bit Rebels, and I am sure we’ll feature a bunch more in the future. We simply have to get a hold of them, and off we go. However, this time around it’s a pretty genius idea where of course the Lego block plays the leading role.

I am sure at some point you have played a word search puzzle, right? Well, if you incorporate the Lego block into that, you will have yourself a quite challenging sort of game. It’s called Words Puzzle, and it’s another one of those really creative Lego advertisements that we are so used to seeing. I think this one is my favorite. It makes you think, and you can really start imagining playing a game like this. As a matter of fact, it would be awesome! It could be a really good game for a dinner party or gathering. It’s just pure fun, and we get to exercise that big gray mass we have inside our head. That could never be wrong, right?

Lego Words Puzzle Game Advertisement

Lego Words Puzzle Game Advertisement

Lego Words Puzzle Game Advertisement

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