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Lego Wigs: Hairdos With Unlimited Creativity

Lego Wigs: Hairdos With Unlimited Creativity

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

In a world dominated by online creativity and the masterminds behind it, we are constantly bombarded with the mind children of people who seemingly don’t know any boundaries when it comes to thinking up new concepts and geeky installations. It’s just there, whether you want it or not. It’s like a daily fix for the creators, and it’s our way of making the days in our ordinary lives just a little bit more fun. Fortunately, creativity has no boundaries, and it will probably fuel the online community for eons to come. I could probably sit here and list a million websites that combine usefulness with pure awesome idiocracy when it comes to creativity, but this article is about something entirely different.

When it comes to Lego, we are quite accustomed to the intricate, epic and sometimes micro sized builds that zoom by in our inboxes. But it is when the creativity is taken beyond the usual that we start to raise our eyebrows. Fashion is a word that is not closely related to Lego, but when we’re talking about high fashion, Elroy Klee takes the center stage.

When shooting a series of high fashion photos, creative adventurer Elroy decided that usual hairdos were just not enough. Instead, these wigs were created entirely out of Lego. They graced the models in the very geekiest of ways, and they put quite a distinct and unique look on the whole photo shoot. It’s when you see these kinds of “builds” that you start realizing that Lego really is the solution to everything. I mean, is there anything Lego can’t fix? It has to be the most universal building block in the universe. Even Minecraft is in its shadow.







Via: [Geekologie]

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March 26th, 2015

it’s so good idea


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