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LEGO Wall Adorned With 1,200 Minifigs Creates Geeky Office Decor

LEGO Wall Adorned With 1,200 Minifigs Creates Geeky Office Decor

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

If you worked for a creative firm and a tax company hired you to create a playful installation that represents what it means to pay taxes, what would you make? Paying taxes is not fun, and the goal was to create something to make people smile instead of groan when paying taxes. The creative firm called Acrylicize was up to the task, and this LEGO wall was a brilliant idea.

There are 1,200 LEGO minifigs on this massive LEGO wall, and when you look carefully, you can see that each one is perfectly spaced and attached to the wall meticulously. Each LEGO minifig represents some sort of job, which by default, represents a tax payer.

The team at Acrylicize spent an entire weekend putting this together. According to their website, they turned up the tunes and got to work. None of the professions represented on this LEGO wall have anything in common other than the fact that they all pay taxes. Of course, they said this project was nothing but fun. If you click over to their website, you can see more pictures.

I’m sure a lot of planning and preparation went into this geeky LEGO wall. After all, you can’t just walk into any store and buy 1,200 different LEGO minifigs that each represent a different job. I can’t even imagine how massive this must be IRL, and I think this type of inspiring installation would go well in just about any geeky office anywhere. It would encourage people to tap into their own creativity. I wonder if the tax payers who come into this office to pay money smile when they see this. I wonder if it lessens the blow of paying taxes. I imagine it does.

LEGO Wall Adorned With 1,200 Minifigs Creates Geeky Office Decor

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Via: [My Modern Met]

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Lauren Metcalf

October 23rd, 2014

My son loves to display his minifigures in his room. His dad wouldn’t let
him glue anything, so we found a display panel for displaying Lego minifigures.


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