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Lego Tron Bike: Enter The Age Of The Light Cycle

Lego Tron Bike: Enter The Age Of The Light Cycle

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

I often write about Lego here on Bit Rebels, and it never gets old, at least not to me. Usually it has to do with some grand and epic build which has taken someone many years and millions of Lego blocks to complete. You all know the story, it’s become a yada yada returning topic really. Once before, I wrote about the nano-builds that just amaze us. It’s when someone takes a few blocks of Lego and literally creates something that is so close to the real world thing that it’s almost scary. I think if you have been a frequent reader here at Bit Rebels, you might remember me writing about the Lego Microscale Builds and how inspiring they were.

I thought I’d scout out some new miniature builds today, or maybe not miniature really, just small builds that don’t take millions of blocks to complete. This one is created by the Lego masters Ewok in Disguise and Fine Clonier. The build itself was without the awesome light wires at first, and built by Ewok in Disguise. Then Flickr user Fine Clonier stepped in and stepped up the game by adding the glow wires to the build.

The result is of course amazing, and every kid in the world would probably be drooling for one of these. Isn’t it amazing what a few blocks placed in the right place and some glow wire can do to enhance the very same toys that you once thought had become so boring? This is recycling in its finest form. I love creativity like this, and it needs to be featured here on Bit Rebels just because of the sheer awesomeness of it. It’s a creative build with great customization by both of these Lego masters. Props!

Lego Tron Wire Light Cycle

Lego Tron Wire Light Cycle

Lego Tron Wire Light Cycle

Lego Tron Wire Light Cycle

Lego Tron Wire Light Cycle

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