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LEGO Thriller: This Latest Version Of MJ’s Thriller Oozes Creativity

LEGO Thriller: This Latest Version Of MJ’s Thriller Oozes Creativity

3 Years Ago By Diana Adams

They say practice makes perfect, and I suppose we could say Michael Jackson was someone who pushed that mantra to the limit. Even today his music and dances are still as entertaining and mesmerizing as they were 25 years ago. I was too young to remember what it was like when the Thriller video was released, but I do remember that for many years after that, it was the standard of excellence for music videos. This is yet another LEGO Thriller animation, and it’s a gooood one!

I remember about six months ago when I wrote about another entertaining Michael Jackson LEGO animation. It was his famous Panther street dance recreated in LEGO. You can see it by clicking over to Michael Jackson Street Dance LEGO Style. That one was created by Annette Jung, and now she is back with another one of her MJ masterpieces.

There have been other versions of MJ’s Thriller recreated in LEGO, but Annette’s version is by far a cut above the rest. Her LEGO Thriller intro is fantastic, and when you watch it below, you’ll see it’s easy to forget that those faces were created with LEGO bricks. This is not only a testament to Annette’s skill and creativity, but it’s also a powerful example of what can be created with LEGO bricks.

This is only a little over a minute long, so it’s definitely worth it to check it out. If you are looking for the perfect medium for your next animation, and if you want something that will definitely showcase your skills and set you apart from everyone else, you might want to consider using LEGO bricks. We’ve written about a lot of LEGO animations over the years here on Bit Rebels, and this LEGO Thriller is one of the best.

LEGO Thriller Intro






Via: [Design Taxi]

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