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Incredible LEGO Pop-Up Books That Tell A 3D Story

Incredible LEGO Pop-Up Books That Tell A 3D Story

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Books aren’t exactly the hottest item in today’s technology run society. Some people talk about a future where book stores will join the same fate as music stores. With all the eBooks and online book stores available (and all the new ones being announced), I am prepared to almost start believing these rumors. So now what? Will we forever give up on the immersed feeling of reading a book in its original form? Are we going to toss out these carefully bound adventures in favor of digital copies made up of ones and zeros? I guess at the rate things are going, that is what it looks like. But wait, what about all the wonderfully creative and visually mind blowing pop-up books we used to marvel over as kids? Well, judging from some people’s creativity, they are sticking around…in LEGO form.

Japanese LEGO pioneer Talapz knows all about taking a paper pop-up book concept and converting it into LEGO. Pop-up books come in all kinds of different forms and shapes. Some of the most advanced ones are too mind blowing to even try to understand. When it comes to pop-up books, I would dare to say that even the most advanced pop-up books don’t even come close to how difficult it must be to calculate the entire process for making a LEGO pop-up book that unfolds.

Talapz certainly has the skills to pull off this highly impressive form of LEGO building. So far, he has converted Todai-ji Temple (Nara) and Kinkaku-ji temple (Kyoto) into almost unearthly LEGO pop-up books. I think any kid would go crazy about these. I have no idea whether or not these pop-up books will replace the original paper ones. However, you have to admit, these LEGO builds are just a little bit more impressive than the pop-up books we are used to. I am still sitting here trying to figure out just how the process of building these things (or even getting started with one) is undertaken. I am most impressed. As I always say, LEGO is the solution to everything.

Talapz’s Amazing LEGO Pop-Up Books


Via: [UFunk – French]

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