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Guy Builds A Whole Master Chief Costume Entirely Out Of LEGO

Guy Builds A Whole Master Chief Costume Entirely Out Of LEGO

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

My mind is currently numb after what I have just seen. LEGO really is the solution to everything and your imagination is the only limit, Ben Caulkins is proof of that. As the headline suggests we’re not talking about some costume being made out of cloth, paper rolls or what have you, we’re talking about the real deal all put together with LEGO. Yup, this guy went ahead and replicated the whole Master Chief costume entirely with LEGO.

Now, are you sitting down? Not only is it built entirely of LEGO but it is a life-sized costume that you can actually wear, and did I already mention it is made entirely out of LEGO? If you’ve been impressed by large and complicated LEGO builds before, then this is just going to blow your mind. On his Flickr page, which, by the way, is one of the most inspiring Flickr pages you can visit if you’re a LEGO fan, Ben takes you through the steps of building this LEGO Master Chief costume.

If you have ever even once played around with LEGO, you know that these bricks are not to be worn as they come loose way too easily. Ben has obviously solved this problem somehow and even though glue comes to mind, he also used Technic pieces for the framework in order to more perfectly mold the Master Chief costume to his own body contours. It’s a master build and one that should definitely be displayed on every LEGO convention ever held.

How long it took Ben to produce this amazing build, I have no idea, but it is clear that it must have taken him quite some time to make sure the pieces of LEGO wear actually fit his body. I imagine that it must have taken a few tries in order to get the scale right, not to mention fitting everything snug together in order for it to hold and not break.

While building this Master Chief costume, Ben was documenting every step and one of his comments stands out the most. He says that even though the costume looks phenomenal it is painfully hot and exhaustingly heavy to wear. Furthermore, the pieces are held in place by velcro which he attached to a wetsuit that he wore underneath the LEGO Master Chief costume.  Although the costume isn’t entirely done, Ben only has the lower part of the legs and feet left to build. All this awesomeness is coming from a guy who doesn’t even own an XBox. Imagine that! Creativity and imagination truly is amazing!

Ben Caulkins’ Amazing LEGO Master Chief Costume

Lego Master Chief Costume

Lego Master Chief Costume

Lego Master Chief Costume

Lego Master Chief Costume

Lego Master Chief Costume

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