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2 DIY Simple & Sturdy LEGO iPad Stands Built By Kids

2 DIY Simple & Sturdy LEGO iPad Stands Built By Kids

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

I remember when the original iPad was released a few years ago, one of the first things people started talking about was how strange it was that it didn’t have a stand. People thought it was awkward to have to hold it while using it. Of course, by now, we’ve all gotten over that. Most of us have some sort of iPad stand, and the people who don’t have probably adapted to not needing it. If you are in the market for a stand, there are tons of different ones available. They come in all shapes and sizes and are made from all different kinds of materials. Maybe you want to have some fun with it and get creative by making your own iPad stands. If so, this article is for you.

Jason Devine challenged his kids (ages 11 and 9) to create a LEGO iPad stand with as few LEGO bricks as possible. They actually created two iPad stands, and they are brilliant. They are apparently strong and sturdy, and working well. The first one they made was built using only 5 LEGO bricks. You can see it in the first set of photos below. The second one, also pictured below, is a tad more elaborate and was built using a few more bricks. I really like both of these super simple iPad stands, but I think the second one is a little more my style.

Jason’s kids have their own website where they post their LEGO creations, and I hope you click over there to see it at Projects – LEGO Kids. You’ll have to scroll down to LEGO iPad Stands to check out this particular post (which has more pictures if you’d like to make this yourself). If you prefer your LEGO iPad stands to be a little fancier, check out the one at iPad Stand Mkll. That one is also fabulous, and it takes the whole idea in a completely different direction. There is also a really nice one here on Chris Data. Hopefully this will inspire you to bring that big box of LEGO bricks up from the basement so you can start building again. As we always say, there isn’t anything in the world that can’t be solved with a big imagination and some LEGO.

2 Simple & Sturdy LEGO iPad Stands


This first one was built with only 5 LEGO bricks.




The second one is a little more elaborate, but still very simple.


Via: [MAKE]

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