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The Denim LEGO Block Inspired Handbag For Geek Girls With Style

The Denim LEGO Block Inspired Handbag For Geek Girls With Style

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

We love LEGO on Bit Rebels, and one thing I’ve learned over the years is that LEGO blocks aren’t just used to build things to display, they are also used to build things to wear and to accessorize what we wear. Most of the LEGO fashions we’ve featured have been outlandish, gaudy, colorful and fabulous – although not the kind of stuff you’d probably want to wear or carry on a daily basis.

There have been a few things though that are more geeky than gaudy that I would really like to have. One of those things is this LEGO Block Clutch I wrote about last summer. That handbag is made completely out of LEGO blocks, and it’s a geek girl’s dream come true.

Another one is this LEGO block inspired denim handbag you see below. It was made by Karen Booker, and it recently sold in her luxfordst Etsy store. According to Etsy, it was “created with love, affection and the greatest respect for the humble LEGO brick.” It was created on a 10:1 scale, which means it is scaled to be exactly ten times larger than a standard LEGO block. The yellow denim has a sort of shabby-chic worn look to it, which would make it perfect for the weekends. You can see the quality of the craftsmanship on the inside also.

This particular purse sold a few days ago for $99, but hopefully Karen will make a few more. If you’re crafty, this might even give you your own inspiration to create a LEGO block handbag for yourself or someone you know. You could use real LEGO blocks, or you could make a LEGO inspired bag like this one from denim or another material. Either way, you will end up with a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that I’m sure with make all the other ladies green with envy. Well, if they’re geeks.

The Denim LEGO Block Inspired Handbag

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Via: [Fashionably Geek]

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