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The Knitted Turkey Hat: Thanksgiving Isn’t Complete Without It

The Knitted Turkey Hat: Thanksgiving Isn’t Complete Without It

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

It’s so funny how a little knitted hat can make a person’s day, and this one just made mine. I read on Green Head that we have witch’s hats for Halloween and a Santa hat for Christmas, but what about a Thanksgiving hat? I have to agree, we need a hat for that day, so I present to you the turkey hat. If you live in the States, you know that Thanksgiving is definitely a holiday that needs to be spiced up with something fun. Usually everyone lounges around bored before the big eat-a-thon, and then afterwards, everyone struggles to stay awake. Instead, let this turkey hat spark some fun convos on that traditional day.

The turkey drumsticks on the side of this turkey hat are what make it so much fun I think. I just want to grab one of those and start nom-ing. When I checked Amazon today, I found out that there are several different styles of turkey hats available. They range from $5 – $35, and I even saw a turkey hat for a baby on there. Who knew turkey hats could be so popular?

If you are r-e-a-l-l-y tired of the same-old Thanksgiving, and if you want to make it memorable this year, I have another idea for you too. You can buy this Inflatable Turkey and put it in your oven (don’t turn the oven on of course). When it’s time to eat dinner, take out the inflatable turkey and put it on a serving platter. Everyone will get a good laugh, and then serve these Thanksgiving Cupcakes instead. Each one of these cupcakes has turkey, gravy, cornbread stuffing, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce all on the cupcake. Not only will Thanksgiving be way more fun, but cleaning up the dishes when it’s over will be super easy since making and eating cupcakes doesn’t make much of a mess. Now that’s a Thanksgiving I would really look forward to!

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