Knitted Converse Sneakers Let Your Inner Geek Come Out To Play

If you took all the geeky high heels, gamer shoes and Converse sneakers we’ve written about over the years and put them all into one shoe store, it would be my dream come true. I’ve had the privilege of writing about the geekiest, most unique shoes ever, and now when I look at a pair of ordinary shoes, I can barely get excited enough to even wear them. These knitted Chuck Taylors are a perfect example of the kind of shoes I’m talking about.

These Converse sneaker designs were created by Etsy user PrettySneaky (Katie). The way she knits each one of these shoes makes them look pixelated, which only adds to their appeal. She has a ton of them in her store, and I’ve just chosen a few of them to share with you here. The Minecraft and TARDIS sneakers are by far my favorites, and I wish I was sporting those right now.

Katie learned how to knit from her grandmother, and she uses that skill to give these new Converse sneakers a retro look. If you’ve been looking for a one-of-a-kind Converse high top pair of sneakers, these might be perfect for you. They are about $130 a pair, which I think is a fair price considering the amount of time it must take her to knit each shoe. She also takes custom orders, so you can get whatever character you fancy on your shoes.

I could imagine a collection of superhero knitted Converse sneaker designs might be popular too. Batman or Wonder Woman would look nice on a pair of shoes, don’t you agree? I remember about a year ago Richard wrote about some other Knitted Converse Sneakers that had more of a granny style. Katie’s don’t look granny-ish at all though. I never thought I’d say I want a pair of knitted sneakers, but after seeing these, I do.

Geeky Knitted Converse Sneaker Designs

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Via: [Fashionably Geek]


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    kitti praga 5 years

    My daughter would love a pair of those minecraft creeper sneakers.They’re beautiful!!

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