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Join Starfleet: Make Your Own Star Trek TNG Skant Uniform

Join Starfleet: Make Your Own Star Trek TNG Skant Uniform

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

Star Trek TNG cosplay is always one of my favorites because when it’s done well, you know the Starfleet uniform is handmade and fabulous. Sure, you can purchase a Starfleet uniform (like this dress on ThinkGeek), but it’s not the same. A true trekkie likes the uniform to be authentic, and I haven’t seen a more realistic looking Starfleet skant (dress) than the one I’d like to share with you today.

In order to understand why this dress looks like it does, it’s important to read about the History Of Starfleet Uniforms. If you’re a trekkie, it’s a webpage that will keep you busy all afternoon. This Starfleet skant was created by Leila at Three Dresses Project. She took a pattern and cut it up so she could make a block colored dress. She also made some modifications to the actual Starfleet uniform (like she omitted the zipper, etc.).

If you know how to sew, or if you need a project like this to inspire you to try sewing, you can click over to her post called Star Trek: TNG Skant Tutorial for the detailed directions. I think this dress is super geeky and sexy. If you want to make this really authentic, you can tease your hair so it’s big and add a gold headband. I’d definitely wear it with a pair of knee-high black leather boots like Counselor Deanna Troi is wearing in the pictures I put below.

Seeing this tutorial makes me want to go back and watch all those old Star Trek TNG episodes again and again. If you do decide to make this, I hope you come back and share a picture with us. If you don’t have the time to make this yourself, you can always order the one on ThinkGeek (the link is above). It’s not as badass as the skant below, but at least you’ll still be a member of Starfleet.

Join Starfleet & Make Your Own Skant Uniform

Click over to the tutorial
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Via: [Make] [The Nerdy Sewist] [Three Dresses Project] Image Credits: [Redskirts and Green Ladies] [Fan Pop]

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