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Iron Man Origami Figurine: It’s Brutally Awesome

Iron Man Origami Figurine: It’s Brutally Awesome

6 Years Ago By Richard Darell

It’s quite apparent that our readers love origami in all its shapes and forms. We try to limit the awesomeness by only picking the really cool ones, and sometimes that task can become quite hard. I mean, what is cool and what is awesome? We could let ourselves fall back into our own opinions, but then this would ultimately become a blog of odds and ends that some people surely wouldn’t think was too exciting to check out. So, we try not to do that. Our process for choosing our subjects always has a bit of community understanding, and we put a lot of thought into what you guys might like. If we for one second have a doubt about a subject, we will not write about it. First impression lasts, and that’s how we work. Your impression is the most important one for us.

Origami is a huge topic at the moment, and there are thousands of really cool folds out there. However, the one I am going to show you today is one that will have two separate communities cheer, I hope. It’s an Iron Man origami creation that is just as awesome as the man himself. It’s created by talented master folder and origami mathematician (he just has to be one) Brian Chan. This detailed figurine is as inspiring as the very best within the origami category.

Many things can be said about it, and I am sure it has taken quite a few tries to fold this one. The math behind it should be nothing less than mastery in every way, but the fact is that this thing just has to be seen instead of debated. Origami is not the easiest of hobbies, even though all you need is some paper and a clever mind to plan it all out in detail. The folds are everything, and weaving the colors like he did in this awesome fold will have origami fanatics turning their heads for sure.

Iron Man Origami Fold Figurine

Iron Man Origami Fold Figurine

Iron Man Origami Fold Figurine

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