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Iron Man LEGO Build Is An Epic Life-Size Brick Marvel

Iron Man LEGO Build Is An Epic Life-Size Brick Marvel

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Usually when people start out using LEGO either for play or to visualize something, they start getting grand ideas. These are ideas that might not be possible unless you spend months on one single build. As we all know, the secret to success is knowing that the longer you can keep your attention on your goal, the greater your chances of success. The moment you lose the sight of the ball, you might as well just start over again, but with LEGO it’s kind of different. You can spend years on a single build and still reach your goal. It of course all depends on your resources and the number of LEGO bricks you have at your disposal. That’s exactly what teenager Evan Bacon experienced when he built his life-size Iron Man LEGO build that is a marvel to behold.

14-year-old Evan Bacon is well known for his Batman LEGO build, but he is one kid who doesn’t stop when fame is showered over him. Right when his Batman build started getting into the viral jet streams of the Internet, he undertook another epic project. He built a life-size Iron Man entirely out of LEGO, and boy is it a cool build. It’s a perfect replica with lights incorporated and all. It’s amazing to see such dedication when it comes to building things that could easily have been dropped at the thought of it.

This Iron Man LEGO build is something you have to see. The scale is massive when you start thinking about the fact that it is all just LEGO. Evan must have spent countless weeks building this thing, and you can tell he knows his superheroes. This Iron Man LEGO build consists of over 18,000 LEGO blocks and stands 6 feet tall. It’s an impressive build to say the least, and the lighting of the eyes, arc reactor and palms don’t make it less impressive. This 14-year-old LEGO fanatic is going from awesome to epic, and I am definitely sure this is not the last we’re going to see something from Evan. What will he build next? Is it time for a villain now? Maybe he’ll take on the Hulk just to increase the scale of things.

Evan Bacon’s Epic Iron Man LEGO Build






Via: [Technabob] Image Credit: [TJ Avery]

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