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Plexiglass Dome Landscape Office Design

Inspiring Offices: Bubble Desk Landscape Interior Design

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Offices around the world are starting to realize that having an inspiring environment will make people work harder and be happier while doing it.  Some companies are still in the old frame of mind and don’t really care about the work environments that their employees have to endure during their stay at the office.  Until recently, the fortunate ones to enjoy a creative office were usually the people who work at IT companies around the world.  I don’t know if it was Google or some other company who started the trend, but ever since one of these companies started incorporating geeky and fun recreation areas and creative interior designs, everyone seems to be looking in awe and jealousy.

PONS + Huot decided to call in the big guns, and they hired Christian Pottgiesser Architects to redesign their office.  The completed redesign is one that would leave even the most negative employee gasping for air.  It’s a design never before seen, and it incorporates Plexiglas domes, cave lounges and a landscape of tables and trees.

The inspiration must be at a peak everyday just by working in such an environment.  You get your own little space, and you can still see all the people around you working as hard as you are.  The close encounter of nature itself also makes the interior design become more soothing yet inspirational.  I think if every company started thinking along these lines, we would see a lot less employees calling in sick, and also a lot more revenue from happy and hard working people.  All I can say is that we here at Bit Rebels are starting to think real hard…

Overview Landscape Interior Design Office

Overview Landscape Interior Design Office

Overview Landscape Interior Design Office

Overview Landscape Interior Design Office

Conference Room Cave Sky Opening

Conference Room Cave Interior Design

Cave Lounge Entrence Interior Design

Cave Lounge Entrence Interior Design

Interior Design In Cave Lounge

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