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Insanely Dedicated Star Wars Fan Builds Massive R2D2

Insanely Dedicated Star Wars Fan Builds Massive R2D2

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

We are quite used to seeing stuff out of the Star Wars world that catches our eye, and it is almost always some kind of hybrid of what we saw in the movies. There are countless examples of this, and I don’t think there is anything that the community won’t touch or mash with Star Wars. Sometimes it doesn’t even make sense, and maybe that’s the whole point when I start thinking about it. The new creations are there just to make us look I guess, and maybe there are even there to surprise us in a way if we look at it from that perspective.

However, that’s not really how dedicated super Star Wars fan Len Komanac is rollin’. His approach to the whole thing is a little bit different. Instead of creating something that is oddly beautiful or horrifically out of place, he propels himself into the land of the giants and creates this wonderfully massive R2D2.

It’s a mammoth of a build, and honestly, I don’t understand how he managed to get that out of his garage. The build stands 92 inches from the ground, and I am sure that it keeps burglars away. The build is simply humongous. It took Len about 50 hours to complete the build using a whole boat load of things such as 4 fridge boxes, 5 AC boxes, 3 dryer boxes, 3 rolls of blue duct tape, 1 roll of aluminum tape, 52 glue sticks, 1 can of white paint and 2 sharpie pens.

Massive Star Wars R2D2 Build

Massive Star Wars R2D2 Build

Massive Star Wars R2D2 Build

Massive Star Wars R2D2 Build

Massive Star Wars R2D2 Build

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