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How To Spot An Instagram Junkie [Infographic]

How To Spot An Instagram Junkie [Infographic]

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

We’ve all seen the shift towards online photo sharing over the past few years. With the acquisition of Instagram and the Timeline feature, it’s clear that Facebook is putting their focus in that area. The recent changes on Google+ also show a shift which puts the focus on sharing images. And then of course there is Pinterest, which we all know is taking the over the world of social media.

What do you think sparked all this interest in sharing photos all of a sudden? It had to have started somewhere, right? Relatively speaking, it has been a fast development. I remember the days pre-Twitpic and pre-Instagram, and back then, sharing photos wasn’t anything like it is today.

Do you think Instagram and Facebook together were the catalyst in about 2009 when everyone started taking pictures everywhere and sharing them? If so, this new marriage of those giants will be a match made in social media heaven, don’t you think? This cute infographic will definitely give you a smile today. It was created by Flowtown in partnership with Column Five, and it’s called How To Spot an Instagram Junkie. I love the grass stains and the “emaciated collar bones as a result of a personal hunger strike against the Facebook acquisition (#sellouts).” Cute.

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Via: [Visual News] Header Image Creadit: [CNET TV]

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