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Horror Ice Cream Popsicles Based On ’80s Movie Villains

Horror Ice Cream Popsicles Based On ’80s Movie Villains

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Is it just me or are the villains today not as creative and scary as they were back in the ’80s? Back then, they all had some psychological aspect of fear connected to us. Today they are just made to look as horrifying as possible, and in that way, they infuse fear into all of us moviegoers. Maybe it was the style of that era, or maybe people just knew how to create frightening villains back then. Either way, I think a lot of people have fond memories from that time if they grew up watching those horror movies. If you did, I am most certain you will come to love these new horror ice cream popsicles that have just been announced. They are modeled after ’80s horror villains, and they are some of the coolest popsicles you will probably see this year.

My favorite movie villain of all time is of course Jason Voorhees from Friday The 13th. I have seen every single movie, and yes, I think the middle ones were the ones that made the movie franchise big. The first couple of movies weren’t that exciting, and neither were the ones after the 8th. The very last one that came out recently was a step back in the right direction. It took Jason back to being what we have all come to see him as, which is a deranged psycho killer who will do anything for revenge.

These horror ice cream popsicles are created by Stoyn and are said to be coming to a store near you real soon. There is no word on when “soon” really is, but hopefully it will be this year. It feels somewhat nostalgic to know that soon we can buy one of these horror ice cream popsicles to further retrofy that ’80s movie horror night that is bound to be planned soon. Whatever can intensify the experience of watching a horror movie is all good with me. Do you think these horror ice cream popsicles will become a success? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. They are extremely well done, and it’s amazing how they managed to model these to look so real even though they are made out of ice cream. Well, horror ice cream that is.

Stoyn’s Horror Ice Cream Popsicles






Via: [Gizmodiva]

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Robert A. Guill

September 20th, 2013

Please how do I find out when these will be available and where.

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