Find The LEGO Blocks Hidden In Each Of These 4 Photographs

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Usually when we write about LEGO blocks, it’s when they are incorporated into an impressive build. I think this is the first time I’ve written about LEGO blocks hidden in photographs for you to find. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s 2:30am as I’m writing this, or if I just need another cup of coffee because it was actually a challenge for me to find the hidden LEGO structures in each one of these photographs.

These four photographs are like the geeky version of “Where’s Waldo?” Aside from the fact that the photos themselves are gorgeous, there are structures made from LEGO blocks hidden in each image for you to find. Can you see them all?

These photos were the result of a collaboration between photographer Dean West, LEGO artist Nathan Sawaya and a recent copy of Photoshop (I’m guessing that is the software they used). The series is called In Pieces, and there are more than just 4 photographs. You can see the entire collection by clicking over to Dean’s website.

This photographic realism combined with LEGO really adds a refreshingly geeky touch to these photos. Their pixelated nature adds an even more artist and unique twist to them, and this project oozes creativity. These two artists really wanted to make us think about what is real and what isn’t in the online photography we see each day. Anyone with some software and a few skills can manipulate a photo these days. Just remember that what you are looking at might not be what you think you are looking at, if that makes sense. It’s time to have some fun! Can you find all of Nathan’s LEGO block structures in Dan’s photos? The answers are below – no peeking until you’re done!

Find The LEGO Block Structures Hidden In Each Photograph

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The Answers:


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