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Geeky Mom Creates Star Wars AT-AT From Diaper Boxes

Geeky Mom Creates Star Wars AT-AT From Diaper Boxes

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

Ahh… Here we go again with another wonderfully odd creation inspired by the beloved AT-AT. When it comes to AT-ATs, or Star Wars in general, there is no end to the inspiration and creative energy that surrounds it, so I expect that we’ll be writing about these kinds of things for a long time to come. I thought the AT-AT bunk bed, dog costume, computer case mod and liquor cabinet were all fun to see (you can check them all out here), but this one is very special in its own way.

This one is like a tribute to all the new moms out there who want to reconnect with their geeky selves. It’s an AT-AT created out of some cardboard diaper boxes.

I love this, and I can’t think of any better way to reuse those boxes and turn them into something fun. Kelly McQuinlan, the mom who made this, wrote in her article that she doesn’t know if she decided to do this out of a fit of stay-at-home-mum anxiety or just total creativity. She used a total of three of those big diaper boxes to make this. She used two boxes for the body and a third box for the legs and the support. You can click over to Offbeat Mama to read her entire article which details exactly how she did this. There are also a lot more pictures over there. What a great little project!





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