Geek Living: Lego Kitchen Counter For The Creative People

There are a lot of things you can build using Lego, and it seems we’re starting to see some rather large builds.  They might not look very complex or hard to build, but keep in mind the time it must take to build an entire house out of Lego.  It is just mind blowing in every sense of the word.  Geeks in particular have a tendency to craft their most wishful dreams using Lego.  Maybe it’s a way to get closer to the real thing or just to mess with the 3D reality of it all.  I am still waiting for the first hotel entirely built using Lego.  I know, it will probably take a while, but imagine the possibilities.  You would be able to repair it with spare Lego blocks so maintenance would be a breeze.

To start the trend off, designers Simon Pillard and Philippe Rosetti decided to renovate a kitchen and the material they used was of course Lego.  What else would a couple of true geeks go for?  The entire kitchen counter (island) was created using the playful colored blocks, and you can imagine how inspiring having breakfast right there would be.

It took the designers over 20,000 blocks to build this highly colorful piece.  Not only is it pure genius, it serves as a truly personal item as well.  Imagine the personalization you can build into this kitchen counter.  And, if you thought it was an easy task putting this thing together, think again.  It took the two designers over a week to complete the process, but I must say, the result is totally worth it.  As I always say, Lego is the solution to everything.

Creative Kitchen Lego Build Counter

Creative Kitchen Lego Build Counter

Creative Kitchen Lego Build Counter

Via: [Inhabitat]


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    Renovate Kitchens By Insync Kitchens 5 years

    That Lego kitchen counter is cool! May I know whether you made it or purchased it?

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    Designer Blinds For Your House 5 years

    Amazing!!! This kitchen counter is looking superb, I really like it and want the same for my kitchen.

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    Latest Kitchen Designs 5 years

    Your kitchen counter is looking amazing. I would love to have same for my kitchen. Can you tell me how you made it?

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