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Throne Of Nerds: Game Of Thrones Tribute Made From Computer Keyboards

Throne Of Nerds: Game Of Thrones Tribute Made From Computer Keyboards

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

I bet you’ve never seen computer keyboards used in this way before. If you are a fan of Game of Thrones, you are probably excited for the next season which premieres soon. It seems some of the hardcore fans are taking it a step further and creating their own tributes to this popular show. We’ve written about a few of these before, but this one caught my attention since it has a creative twist to it.

This chair (if you can call it that) is named the Throne of Nerds, and it’s a tribute to Game of Thrones created out of old computer keyboards. More specifically, it’s an homage to the Throne of Swords. Artist Mike DeWolfe made this chair, and according to his website, “The Throne of Nerds is made in honor of the Throne of Swords from the Game of Thrones TV series and fantasy series. It is constructed from 20+ keyboards mounted to a chair. The keyboards have been shaped and melted to follow the form of the chair, the shape of the user, and to meld together into a combined whole.”

This chair symbolizes suffering. It looks all warped and uncomfortable, and Mike specifically scorched all the ESC keys to represent how impossible it can be to escape suffering and blackness. I’ve never seen the show, but for the fans, I’m sure this somehow makes a lot of sense. Regardless of that, this is not only a great way to reuse old computer keyboards, but for some odd reason, I’d like to sit on it.

I don’t know if Mike is selling his Throne of Nerds, or if he just created it for fun. Either way, it’s definitely an interesting take on the whole Game of Thrones theme. I would have loved to watch a ‘making of’ video. I bet scorching all those old computer keyboards was fun!

The Game Of Thrones Tribute Made From Computer Keyboards






Via: [Ian Brooks] Image Credits: [Flickr]

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