Freaky Zombie Plush Doll Asks To Be Dismembered

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How weird can the world really get? Well, I guess you’d have to somehow ask the world’s population to get the right answer, but judging from recent news, it’s quite weird if you ask me. Left and right we hear about horrible attacks that make the usual news seem pale and… well, ordinary. It’s sad really, but there is little we can do about it. There is a kind of news value in telling the world about misery and despair, and it is apparently what sells the most newspapers. It’s just how it works, so I guess we might as well adapt. But, there is something that we here at Bit Rebels are constantly on the lookout for, and that is of course the world’s weirdest and most unearthly gadgets, toys and whatever else that might put a little bit of oddness into your reality. Today we bring you something worthy of a horror movie.

The “WTF of the day” has to go to the odd and freaky plush zombie doll that asks you to pull it apart. Do you suffer from anger management issues and sometimes feel like getting it out without hurting anyone? Well, this thing is the perfect little toy for you. Just like those stress balls or whatever else helps to relieve the stress, this thing actually enables you to release some anger in a way that will never harm anyone or anything other than an undead doll, which in all fairness is all good I guess.

This Dismember-Me Zombie Doll is a 12-inch plush doll with features that will make even the most thrilling of horror flicks seem quite ordinary and boring. It’s made available by ThinkGeek and will set you back about $13. It’s got gore, intestines and the ultimate sound of cracking bones when you pull off its limbs and head. Yeah, I don’t think I have to go further into what this toy is about. The good thing is that with this one we don’t need a zombie apocalypse, or at least we get some practice if this horrific undead state of the world ever presents itself to us. Is this the WTF of the day? Definitely!





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