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Freaky Star Wars Figures Created From Doll Parts

Freaky Star Wars Figures Created From Doll Parts

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Let’s jump into the pool of weird yet visually stunning and creative Star Wars creations that you never thought you would ever see, once again. In the ever ongoing search for the most unearthly Star Wars mashup, I think I have managed to find what could possibly be the winner of the lot. Usually everything we share when it comes to Star Wars has something epic or astounding incorporated into it. Just have a look at these Star Wars Identities posters for example. They have everything necessary to be called epic, and they are definitely out of the ordinary. Those posters could just as well have been the original ones since they draw you into the Star Wars galaxy, just like the original posters did.

Well, this time around it has nothing to do with some awesome posters or even anything remotely close to illustrations. It has to do with dolls, dolls that have been mutilated and then put back together again. Sounds awful? It is! For any doll loving person out there, this might be as horrific as a Star Wars mashup can get, yet it’s intriguing to see the creativity behind it. I mean, how do you really come up with this concept in the first place? Also, the creations really look like “characters” from the Star Wars universe, no doubt about it.

There is an even odder part to this story. These custom created Star Wars “thingies” are actually for sale on Etsy. They are put together by Etsy user GeekyVixen, and depending on what you want, they cost around $20 a pop. They are actually called Battle Babies, and they are obviously hot items since almost every single one listed in this article seems to be gone already. I have to say, this definitely has to be the weirdest creation that’s ever gone viral, and that people actually bought. I guess I will never fully understand the ecosystem of Star Wars. But then again, who will, right?





Via: [Technabob]

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