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For Your Geeky Baby: The Legend Of Zelda Nursery

For Your Geeky Baby: The Legend Of Zelda Nursery

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

How cool would it be to have your Dad make you a fabulous Zelda nursery before you were even born? I wonder how I can get a bedroom like this now. This little boy, who will be born soon, has the best bedroom ever. His Dad will rock him and tell him stories in this nursery, and together they will create memories that will last a lifetime. What better way to introduce your baby to the world of ultimate geekery than to hand paint a very special nursery like this? I can’t imagine anything that would inspire a baby to be creative and adventurous more than this.

Cole Bradburn and his friend Wes (who is already well known in the geek community for the Yoshi’s Island nursery he painted for his daughter) spent 150 hours about 3 months creating this Zelda nursery for Cole’s unborn son who will get to see it very soon. Wes took the concepts in Cole’s head and drew them freehand on the wall, and they both painted it. The detail is incredible, and it’s hard to believe that isn’t wallpaper. What talent!

In my opinion, this is so much better than the typical teddy bears and balloons that we often see in nurseries. This is not only one of a kind and spectacular, it will start Cole and his wife’s little hero off on a life full of greatness. Suddenly, I’m in the mood to paint my walls a different color. You can read more about it on Cole’s blog at My Son’s Zelda Nursery. Thank you to my friend Andrew Kardon for finding this little nugget of happiness.

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Via: [Kotaku] [Epic Gamers]

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One Comment


March 1st, 2015

Thanks for the cool article! I (Wes) had a blast working on these projects! Just wait until baby nursery #3! :D


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