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Finally! Princess Leia Hair Headphone Covers

Finally! Princess Leia Hair Headphone Covers

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

Holy crap, I can’t believe I just found out about these today. I need these in my life so I can feel complete, but when I clicked over to order them, I saw that they’re sold out. WTF? C’mon Jacquie, get to sewing, gluing or doing whatever it is you do to make these because the world needs more Leia in it.

According to her Etsy store, “these pieces will transform your headphones or ear muffs into Princess Leia’s famed cinnamon bun hair. Your friends will love you more, your coworkers will be jealy, and if you wear these to Comic-Con you will get laid instantly.” Nice!

The idea is that you’re supposed to glue these meshy synthetic hair thingys to your headphones (or ear muffs). They come, or rather they did come, in brunette, blonde and ginger. I can’t believe these sold for only 24 bucks. I got dibs on the first one from the next batch. You don’t believe me? You will when I knock your punk ass down to get to them first! Thank you JacquieLongLegs, your creativity is inspiring. Forget earbuds, you could make those big headphones popular again!

Star Wars Leia Hair

Star Wars Leia Hair

Star Wars Leia Hair

Star Wars Leia Hair

Via: [Geekologie]

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