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Fangirl Fashion Alert: 8 Comic Book Themed Corsets You Can’t Miss

Fangirl Fashion Alert: 8 Comic Book Themed Corsets You Can’t Miss

4 Years Ago By Jill Tooley

Corsets have been hot commodities ever since steampunk fashion surged in popularity a few years ago. While there’s certainly no shortage of custom-made corsets on everyone’s favorite handmade marketplace, Etsy, I almost had a heart attack due to geek overload when I came across a welcomed variation – fangirl corsets featuring comic book characters and superheroes!

Whether you’re obsessed with the Avengers, you can’t live without Batman, or you prefer to tout your love of comics in general, there’s bound to be a geeky corset that’s right up your alley. I’ve seen tons of corsets at various comic conventions I’ve attended throughout the years, but I don’t recall ever seeing fangirl comic-book themed corsets. Here’s your opportunity to stand out and look damn good in the process.

If you’re unfamiliar with corsets in general, there are two things you must know before ordering one. First of all, tell the truth about your measurements. Corsets are supposed to have a snug fit, but you won’t be able to wear it if it’s too small to lace up. You can get away with an inch or two smaller than your true measurements, but any more than that could render it unwearable. Second, corsets come in all shapes and sizes. Long line corsets start at the bust and go to the waist, waist cinchers start below the bust and go to the waist, and you can even find underbust corsets with straps if you look hard enough. Keep that in mind when you scout for your next must-have fangirl fashion.

Most of these comic-themed corsets are made to order based on the measurements you provide, but a few of them are also available pre-made in popular sizes. Just contact the Etsy seller if you see one you can’t live without – chances are good that they’ll be able to make one specifically for you. Go forth and get your geek on!

Fangirl Fashion: Comic Book Themed Corsets


Avengers Superhero Corset, Photo Credit [DamselinThisDress]


Comic Book Waist Cincher, Photo Credit [kawaiiparlor]


Marvel Superheroes Corset, Photo Credit [CastleCorsetry]


Batman Waist Cincher, Photo Credit [CastleCorsetry]


Star Wars Corset, Photo Credit [CastleCorsetry]


Captain America Corset, Photo Credit [AliceAndWillow]


Batman Corset, Photo Credit [DamselinThisDress]


Wonder Woman Corset, Photo Credit [DarkPonyDesigns]

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