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Extreme LEGO Portraits Feature Legendary Han Solo Poster

Extreme LEGO Portraits Feature Legendary Han Solo Poster

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Art is one of the most untouchable aspects of creation ever. I don’t mean art in its physical form, but what it stands for. I couldn’t tell you how many times I have stared at an art piece and scratched my head trying to figure out how the price tag could ever be linked to what I was looking at. When it comes to LEGO though, there is always some kind of tangible linkage. Take these extreme LEGO portraits for example. What we wouldn’t do to have them on our walls, right?

Everyone who has ever played with LEGO knows how incredibly creative it can be, but building something that actually amounts into something that will spawn a million people to check it out online is not the easiest of tasks. It definitely take a whole lot of time. Over at the The Sydney Brick Show last April, there wasn’t exactly a shortage of epic LEGO builds. There was one section in particular that stood out, and that was the LEGO portraits category.

When you think of portraits created out of LEGO, you don’t exactly get the chills. But when it comes to to what you are about to see in this article, you will always remember that LEGO portraits are about the coolest and most creative outlet you could ever gaze upon when dealing with LEGO.

One LEGO build in the LEGO portraits category stood out in particular, and that one was of course the legendary Han Solo poster now completely recreated out of LEGO. The impressive factor of this build could very well be the spot on execution of the portrait itself, but it is the number of blocks that will make your head spin out of control. It was built using over 20,000 LEGO blocks. In order to help you understand just how many blocks that is, imagine this. If you put these 1 x 1 blocks side by side, they would reach over 100 meters. Now that is what we here at Bit Rebels call being dedicated to your art, and of course your LEGO portraits.

The Sydney Brick Show – LEGO Portraits





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