That’s Impressive: Every Zombie Killed On The Walking Dead [Chart]

I thought I was the biggest Walking Dead fan ever, but after seeing this completely insane chart that must have taken a very, very long time to put together, I’m questioning my fandom. I mean, reeeeally? I can’t believe someone created this. If you are a Walking Dead fan, you’re in for a treat. This massive chart which seems to go on forever has every single zombie killed from season 1, episode 1 all the way up through the mid-season finale last Sunday. Yup, you read that right – this is every zombie killed since the beginning. There have been a total of 349 on screen zombie deaths.

This very impressive piece of pop culture called The Stopped Dead was created by Andrew Barr and Richard Johnson and the original is displayed on National Post in an article called Stopping the Dead – a statistical look back at the Walking Dead series so far. It’s color coded for season one, season two, season three and main characters that have become zombiefied. Those colors are then broken down again into male and female zombies. As if that wasn’t enough, next to each zombie killed is the weapon that was used to kill it. The name below each zombie is the person who killed it.

Zombie Shane was without a doubt the biggest zombie badass, and zombie Sophia was the sweetest little zombie (much cuter than Penny). I have to admit, I’m surprised that Hershel is still alive. And, I still miss T-Dog. I think they killed him off too soon, but that zombie taking a big, blood-spurting bite out of his throat was priceless. My favorite character is Daryl, and I really hope he and Merle don’t die in the next episode. Well, Merle can go, but I want Daryl to make it. The weapons used to kill the zombies are also organized in a nice and neat way below too. I could go on and on, but I’ll let you drool over this masterpiece for yourself now. What an incredible tribute to the show!

Every Zombie Killed So Far On The Walking Dead

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Via: [National Post]


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