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Break The Ice With The Severed Wampa Arm Ice Scraper

Break The Ice With The Severed Wampa Arm Ice Scraper

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

Every Jedi likes to stay warm in the winter, and if you’re one of them, you’ll like this severed Wampa arm ice scraper. Instead of putting your whole body in the Wampa to stay toasty, you can just put your arm in the glove to keep it warm while you scrape the ice off your car windshield. The combination of Wampa and snow might even make you feel like you just fell off a Tauntaun in the middle of a blizzard.

You will definitely be able to harness the power of the Wampa when you wear this. We don’t get much snow or ice where I live, but I’d love to have a pair of Wampa style gloves and a pair of white, furry, warm Wampa boots. If you dread scraping the ice off your car each morning, this geeky severed arm should change that. It will hopefully make you smile before you head out in the cold to start your day.

While we’re on the subject of severed Wampa arms, what would you do with a real one if you had it? You could eat it (they are very nutritious), you could mount it above your fireplace as a trophy, or you could put it in a museum where it belongs since they are an endangered species. Regardless, become one with your Wampa arm and wear it with pride.

If you really, really don’t want go scrape the ice off your car. Just take the day off and make Wampa Cupcakes instead. Yeah, that sounds like a much better plan to me. You can pick up this Star Wars Severed Wampa Arm Ice Scraper on ThinkGeek for $20. It’s bigger than it looks. When you click over to ThinkGeek, look at the pictures that customers sent in. It looks huge!

Break The Ice With The Severed Wampa Arm Ice Scraper




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