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Epic LEGO Batcave Created Out Of 20,000 LEGO Pieces

Epic LEGO Batcave Created Out Of 20,000 LEGO Pieces

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Let’s start today off with something that all of us can take a gander at and be completely impressed. As you probably know, it gets harder and harder to impress you guys, and we are constantly doing our best to make sure we bring you the very geekiest things. I think I have something that might fit that category quite nicely for today. Not too long ago, I wrote about a poster that showcased the batcave in its entirety. Personally, I never understood the epic scale of it through the image though. You know, you need details in order to determine what the scale is, or at least I do, or maybe that makes no sense at all. A team of two LEGO masters decided that building an epic LEGO batcave would be a good idea, and I completely agree.

This insanely epic LEGO build took 20,000 LEGO blocks to complete, and it’s one of the most impressive and detailed builds I have seen in a long time. It’s one that you will have to study for hours and hours in order to find every detail and get the real scale of it. If you can’t imagine how much 20,000 LEGO blocks is, the build itself should stand as a measurement to how much it really is.

These epic LEGO builders, Carlyle Livingston II and Wayne Hussey, unveiled their epic LEGO build at the 2012 Emerald City Comicon, and I would guess to a rumbling applause. It’s an insane build that weighs over 100 pounds altogether. Yup, as a matter of fact, that is how much 20,000 LEGO blocks weighs. The natural question would of course be – how long did this epic LEGO build take to complete? Unfortunately, the only answer I can give you for that question is – a long time, a very long long time. It will be great to see what these epic LEGO builders come up with next. It would be quite interesting to see Iron Man’s lair all miniaturized with LEGO. If anything, that would be an epic LEGO build also.

Epic LEGO Batcave Build

(Click To Enlarge)








Via: [Gizmodiva]

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October 19th, 2014

very good


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