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Epic AT-AT Star Wars Dog Costume

Epic AT-AT Star Wars Dog Costume

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

When you are a geek, you usually want to make sure people know about it. Some people might call you a hipster if you got yourself some of those geeky glasses that geeks are usually styled with. Some get them just to look geeky, while other people that are actually in need of glasses go for them because they complement their personality. However, some people even go further than that and start changing things in their lives to reflect their geeky personality. Such things can be to decorate your home with a bunch of geeky things like an arcade cabinet or even Star Wars wallpaper that just screams geek right in your face.

For Katie Mello, it is all about her dog. She already knows what she’ll be wearing for Halloween this year, but her dog didn’t have anything to flaunt until recently. She decided that her dog, Bones, was not going to be without the geekiness this time around, and she set out to create something extraordinary. After a bit of tinkering and a lot of planning, the costume was finished and ready for Bones to wear.

What she created was an AT-AT Star Wars costume that will more than likely put the spotlight on this fortunate dog of a geek queen. Just have a look at this thing and tell me it isn’t the most awesome thing you have seen a dog wear ever. It’s royally epic in pretty much every way you can think of. I am sure that whatever Halloween gathering Katie and Mr. Bones are going to will be more than happy to welcome them. After all, this dog is about to be famous for being the geekiest Star Wars dog out there.

At-AT Star Wars Dog Costume

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