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Doggie Bag: Animal Laziness Taken To New Heights

Doggie Bag: Animal Laziness Taken To New Heights

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Dog mania (or rather the spoiling of animals) is never far from taking another step towards ultimate insanity. When I was a young kid, my mother used to breed dogs (Leonbergers), and we used to have a whole house full of them. When I started seeing lapdogs on the covers of magazines and in television shows, I was amazed by the fact that those dogs didn’t have to walk for themselves. I mean, when did it become healthy for any animal NOT to move and exercise? It just blew my mind how these dogs suddenly became royalty in their own household. There is nothing wrong in totally spoiling your dog with love and all, but when it comes to stuff like this, I don’t know what to think anymore.

Back then, I thought what I saw was surely the end of where we could take spoiling when it comes to a dog or any animal, but was I wrong! It turns out that there are even more more step towards this ultimate insanity. However, the creator, Shannon Beach, knows everything about exercise since she is a dancer. She is also a dog lover and the inventor of the Pupoose. It’s a dog sling carrier for people on the move.

Now you can carry around your dog like a normal bag, and do whatever it is that you’re doing on the “move” as if your dog didn’t have legs to walk with you itself. If this tickles your fancy then it will set you back around a cool $60. Just a remember though, by carrying around your dog like this, I am sure you will take off a few years of its lifetime since it won’t get the exercise that it usually needs. It’s neat, yes, but I don’t know if it is so good for the dog. Then again, maybe you are exercising that dog like a maniac every chance you get, so this might actually be something for you.

Pupoose Sling Carrier For Dogs

Pupoose Sling Carrier For Dogs

Pupoose Sling Carrier For Dogs

Pupoose Sling Carrier For Dogs

Photo Credit: [Solent News & Photo Agency]

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Robin Hutchinson

February 6th, 2014

There not really dogs , there fashion statements.

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