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Geeky DIY Vader Champagne Cork: Drink From The Dark Side

Geeky DIY Vader Champagne Cork: Drink From The Dark Side

3 Years Ago By Diana Adams

It’s always inspiring to recycle something that would otherwise be thrown in the garbage. These days, people have come up with a second use for just about everything. Sometimes that means creating geeky art from what others consider to be trash, and this is a perfect example. A while back, I wrote about some Wine Cork Robots, which are a perfect way to recycle old wine corks. Today I have a new twist to share with you, and it’s all about your champagne corks.

Last year there was a creative article published on Buzzfeed called 25 Things You Can DIY With Corks. There are tons of great ideas in there, but if you’re looking for a champagne cork idea with a geeky twist, this Vader project might be what you’ll want to try.

This DIY Vader cork was conceived and designed by cork master and Instructables user sjroth. He’s known for his creative corkies, and his Mario corky is almost as awesome as this Vader one. He posted his Champagne Cork Darth Vader tutorial on Instructables a few days ago, and every time I look at these pictures, I want to make this for myself. What a fun project, and definitely a great way to reuse a champagne cork.

According to Instructables, this Vader corky was the most challenging one he’s created. It took him about five hours, but if he were to make another one, he thinks he could do it in three. The little lightsaber is the most adorable part of this design, and you’d never guess you were looking at a champagne cork. He is thinking about making a Yoda corky next, and I can’t wait to see that one. What a great way to remember a special evening and a special bottle of bubbly!

DIY Vader Champagne Cork

Get The Full Tutorial Here On Instructables
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