DIY Kickass X-Men Wolverine Claws

November 3, 2011 7:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

I don’t know which I like better, these homemade Wolverine claws that look just like the real thing, or the fact that Instructables member Jonathan Elwell was able to make them for only 5 bucks. One thing is for sure, it’s the best use of old ice skate blades I’ve ever seen.

He went to the thrift store and bought 3 pairs of ice skates (as close to the same size as possible) for $1.75 each. He also used a few dozen nails and bolts which he got for free. Add to that his friend’s torch, his bench grinder, a welder, a Dremel and a simple black sharpie and voila! Before he knew it, his entire garage was smoky, and he had some kickass Wolverine claws specifically tailored to fit his hand.

Soon he was looking for some dog tags and a cigar to complete his look. Since I don’t have a garage full of these cool tools, I probably wouldn’t try this myself. However, they definitely go into the awesomeness defined category! Who would ever think to use old ice skate blades this way? I love this kind of creativity. You may be wondering what exactly he did with these claws when he was finished. Well, according to his detailed tutorial on Instructables, he mainly skewered chicken nuggets with them. Nice.

DIY Wolverine Mutant Claws

DIY Wolverine Mutant Claws

DIY Mutant Wolverine Claws

DIY Mutant Wolverine Claws

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