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Deter Burglars The Geek Way With A Fake TV

Deter Burglars The Geek Way With A Fake TV

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

Getting robbed is one of the worst experiences ever, and if you are like many people, you take precautions to deter burglars when you leave your home. Whether you have your lights on a timer, you have a video system you can access on your iPhone or you use another device, or perhaps even a full-fledged home security setup through Livewatch or some other home security company; we all have our own ways of trying to prevent burglars from targeting our homes. I came across this little gadget today, and I instantly thought it must be one of the geekiest ways you could deter burglars. It’s a fake TV that was designed for this purpose.

I know what you’re thinking, and yes, you could just leave your television turned on when you’re gone to make the burglars think you’re home. But where’s the fun in that? That’s not geeky at all. To do it like a real geek, you’ll need this fake TV which will fool them every time (as long as they can’t look in the window to see what you’re up to).

This isn’t just a box that lights up either. As you know, a real television varies in light and intensity each time the screen changes. With every scene of a television show or commercial, the brightness, shading, coloring and intensity of the light that shines from the television is different. This fake TV does the exact same thing. It flickers, fades and changes constantly just like a real TV. It does this with a computer inside the device which controls the bright LEDs. If you put this in a room, close the curtains and then drive by, you’ll never know it’s not the real television that’s turned on. The built-in light sensor will even automatically turn it on at dusk for you. If you want to deter burglars this super geeky way, just click over to Amazon where you can pick this fake TV up for $35.

Deter Burglars The Geek Way With A Fake TV




Via: [Incredible Things]

or perhaps even a full-fledged home security setup through Livewatch or some other home security company;

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