DeLorean Car Turned Into A Luxurious Limousine

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We will forever think of Back To The Future whenever we see or think about DeLorean cars. That fantastic movie car was and still is at the center of the debate which has been going on ever since we first saw those iconic movies. More specifically, how do we really go back to the future? In one way, the statement is crystal clear, but when you start thinking about it, it becomes a never-ending loop of insanity. Either way, the DeLorean car has been the object of many t-shirts, spoofs and of course a whole lot of creative art. The DeLorean car has even become the exclusive eye-catcher for an ad campaign by Nooka. That’s not the only thing it has been used for though. Recently a DeLorean car was turned into a luxurious limo.

This idea was conceptualized and developed by Rich Weissensel, a rather creative chap who decided the DeLorean was the perfect subject to become a stretched out limo. Say what? Yeah, that was how I reacted as well when I first saw it. This DeLorean car turned limo could possibly be the coolest limo ride you could ever go on. Imagine having one of these pick you up at the airport. Nothing will say you are a geek more than a Back To The Future limo showing up at the curb ready to take you home.

Rich is no stranger to the DeLorean car. This limo was actually built after he had already completed work on a DeLorean Monster Truck (D Rex), a DeLorean Hovercraft (and 3 appearances on the Discovery Channel), a DeLorean Roadster (in re-fresh) and a few other projects. It’s not a shabby sheet of accomplishments, wouldn’t you say? I have no idea how long this badboy is, but it is clear that it has 3 sets of doors and will be a pain in the buttocks to turn around on a narrow street. After reading up about Rich’s awesome achievements on the DeLorean forum, I keep wondering what he will come up with next. Maybe it’s time for a DeLorean spacecraft…

Rich Weissensel’s DeLorean Car Limo




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