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Darth Vader Custom Mailbox For The Extreme Star Wars Fan

Darth Vader Custom Mailbox For The Extreme Star Wars Fan

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

If you are a fan of something, anything at all, you know that collecting stuff with the same theme is one of the main cravings of fandom itself. The importance of having stuff no one else is able to get their hands on is one of the reasons so many fans create their own stuff. This become apparent when you look at what Star Wars fans have been able to put together. One such thing is the Darth Vader custom mailbox that definitely helps you collect the intergalactic mail sent to you.

I think by now we all know that deviantART users definitely have a creative vein present in everything they do. This almost insane Darth Vader custom mailbox just proves that it doesn’t matter what you are a fan of, you can always created things to satisfy your craving. The build itself isn’t very complicated, and it’s the idea itself that makes this creation gather up all its geek points.

The creator is deviantART user SenseiMonkeyBoy, and it was a collaboration between two friends. One of them seemingly couldn’t live without a Darth Vader mailbox, so she asked her friend to assemble and paint it for her. As you can see, there is little that has to be said about it. This custom mailbox speaks for itself and doesn’t really need an introduction. It’s simply one of the most iconic Darth Vader mailbox builds we have ever seen here at Bit Rebels.

We love stuff like this, and we would really love it if you guys keep sending us more of these kind of things so we could feature them all. It’s when geek meets creativity that the result is beyond inspiring. Whether her neighbors will enjoy this new and quite eccentric custom mailbox is beyond the scope of the story itself. But the fact that someone decided to make it should really say something about the epic nature of the fandom itself, and how much he or she is willing to sacrifice just to have a unique object to add to their collection.

SenseiMonkeyBoy’s Darth Vader Custom Mailbox





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