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Daft Punk Helmet’s 3-Month Creation Process Study In Images

Daft Punk Helmet’s 3-Month Creation Process Study In Images

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

If you saw TRON: Legacy you know Daft Punk was a huge part of the epic atmosphere in the movie. Not only did they create the soundtrack, but they influenced some of the helmets used in the movie. The Daft Punk helmets have almost attained legendary status. There are plenty of tutorials and builds on the Internet, but these particular Daft Punk helmet creations have a documented history when it comes to their creation process, and we have the images for you.

The somewhat fanatic documentation of the creation of these Daft Punk helmet builds are a behind the scenes look at just how many steps it takes in order to fully complete these awesome helmets. The futuristic aura of these builds is almost touchable. You can almost feel how they will change the way we create things in the future. For example, imagine a motorcycle helmet that has incorporated LED lights in it, just like these Daft Punk helmet creations. They could help drivers and pedestrians become more aware of motorcycle drivers, which in turn could lower the number of accidents that occur around the world.

We will have to say thank you to Jeff Tung, the creator of these builds and the person behind the documentation of it all. Jeff wasn’t the one who originally created these Daft Punk helmets, but he wanted his own, so he created them by using tutorials and images from around the web, or at least that is how I understand that process. Jeff has never created these kinds of helmets before, but he does have a degree in industrial design, so he wasn’t a noob in making sure everything was put together just right.

I certainly wouldn’t mind being able to bust out one of these helmets for a Halloween party every now and then. After all, Daft Punk helmet creations like these deserve to see the light of day as much as possible. Someone should definitely try and create a functional LED Daft Punk motorcycle helmet based on these designs. Now that would be epic if anything! Don’t forget to hit the like button to show your appreciation of Jeff Tung’s incredible craftsmanship and the awesome end results. These Daft Punk helmet creations are definitely worth checking out!

Jeff Tung’s 3-Month Daft Punk Helmet Creation Process

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