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Crocheted Slippers Go Panzer Tank On Your Feet

Crocheted Slippers Go Panzer Tank On Your Feet

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

So what do you buy when you have everything? I mean, everything a geek could ever need that is. We know when it comes to awesomeness, anything that is handcrafted goes all the way to the top of the list. Sometimes it can even be hard to choose when you are hit with a brick wall of stuff shared on the Internet. There are so many things people come up with that it really can be a full-time job just to let you know about it all. I am sure we could publish about a thousand articles a day if we were to cover all the awesome things uploaded for your viewing pleasure. However, of course that is not possible, and so you will just have to settle for the very best of things. And that definitely includes these crocheted slippers that will transform your feet into cozy tanks.

Say what? Yeah, there are people out there who take crochet insanely seriously, and they learn the most ultimate skills for creating things. Miligurumis definitely knows how to make your eyes pop out of their sockets. Just have a look at these awesome panzer tank crocheted slippers. They will have you wage war with the dust on your floor every time you decide to take them for a spin into the kitchen or wherever you are going.

It’s amazing how advanced crochet is getting. I am blown away by people’s skills every time I see something new that emerges from their awesome pattern brains. These slippers will definitely have you cozy up on a cold winter’s day when you feel like taking on the whole world with your feet. Well, of course in a softer way. If you feel your crochet skills are up to par, you should definitely have a look at the “blueprints” or pattern for these crocheted slippers. They are for sale through the Miligurumis Etsy page, and they will have you sporting these crocheted slippers as soon as you are able to create them.

Miligurumis Crocheted Slippers – Panzer Tanks






Via: [OhGizmo!]

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March 29th, 2013

These are so cool! I gotta get the pattern and make these for my son-in-law! Would love to see a pattern for size 14/15 ATV crocheted slippers.

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