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Creative Twist On Love: Sarcastically Geeky Valentine Designs

Creative Twist On Love: Sarcastically Geeky Valentine Designs

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

I remember how much fun it was in school to get Valentines on February 14th each year. It’s one of those traditions that seems to disappear as we get older. I think it would be fun to still send little Valentine cards as adults.

If we were going to send those cards as adults, we would probably want them to have adult humor, instead of the standard “Be My Valentine” message, right? Lucky for us, Jenny at Never Ending Dick Jokes has that covered for us. She sells jokes, many of which are regarding the male genitalia.

These Valentines below are part of her collection. She sells these for $2 each, or three for $5. Each one comes printed on glossy paper. You’ll see tons of your favorite characters here. Spidey and Wolverine are definitely my favorite, but I like them all! They are romantic in a sarcastically funny geek way. It would be better if there were a few more girl ones though, but I suppose since they are pink, they are girly enough. She took the picture below so people could see what they actually look like. If you’d like to view them all, just click over to the site. There is still time to get yours before Valentine’s Day!

Sarcastic Funny Valentine Cards

Creative Twist On Love

Creative Twist On Love

Creative Twist On Love

Creative Twist On Love

Creative Twist On Love

Via: [So Geek Chic]

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