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Creative Post-It Notes Now As Nintendo NES Cartridges

Creative Post-It Notes Now As Nintendo NES Cartridges

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

There are few things in the world that have greatly impacted our lives and yet been such an easy concept. Post-It notes are one of those things. It’s a simple and straight forward solution to a problem that many people have. Solutions like these are always widely appreciated and successful. And boy did it work! Since 1977 when the first pack of Post-It notes was sold, there have been billions and billions of them created which we have put up on everything from our fridge to our desktop screens. Each year there are 6 billion of them sold. It’s quite an amazing number, don’t you agree? Well, it’s time to add some new creative Post-It notes to the never-ending list of geeky accessories that people keep inventing.

These new creative Post-It notes are based on the infamous NES cartridge and will be an invaluable addition to any geek’s accessory park. These notes actually look like Nintendo NES cartridges, and they’ll totally tell your notes apart from the ordinary, boring ones. Put up a few of these, and you can be sure you’ll always get inspired when you look at what needs to get done. Well, that is if you are a geek.

They are called Cart Notes (sold by Fangamer) and come in green, blue and orange accent colors. Creative Post-It notes have never before been so attuned to the gamer in all of us. They sell for just $8.00 and are delivered in three pads per pack, each containing 50 Post-It notes. I would say that is a reasonable price for something this geeky. They are slightly bigger than the usual Post-It notes, so maybe these creative Post-It notes will be better suited for you since you will be able to write a whole lot more on them. Space has never been a bad thing in our world, right? If you constantly need to be reminded about your chores, these creative Post-It notes are just what you need.

Jon Kay’s Creative Post-It Notes

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Via: [Technabob]

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