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Camera Van Is The Definition Of A Lens Hogger

Camera Van Is The Definition Of A Lens Hogger

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

What would you be prepared to do in order to be the center of attention? What would you allow yourself to go through just to have all the photographer’s lenses aimed at you? I guess the answer to that question varies, depending on who you ask. Unfortunately, I know people who would walk over corpses in order to become the focal point if only for a week. Some people don’t care about the attention at all though. It’s a crazy world we live in, and people never stop surprising me. However, when it comes to the number of lenses pointing at you, few can match the intensity of focus that the Camera Van showcases. This particular vehicle might not look like an expensive car, but that’s where you are wrong.

That fact is, if you combine the ‘off the shelf’ prices for all the parts added to this camera van, you will quickly rack up a pretty good chunk of money. It so happens that the owner of this car, Harrod Blank, has been working on it since 1993. That is a long time to accumulate the necessary parts to cover a van of this size. It seems like a few of the cameras actually work, and the lenses pointed at this camera van will always be met by a thousand lenses pointed back at them.

It’s a neat project that is drumming up a lot of attention wherever it goes. People from around the world have been taking pictures of this peculiar camera van, and it has also been seen in several movies and books throughout the years. It’s more like an art project than anything else. If you are a photographer, you will most definitely find some eye-catching stuff attached to this camera van, and you will most likely be able to check it out for hours at end. You are probably wondering what the purpose of this camera van is, and I can only tell you that the purpose might be to show that this is possible. Art doesn’t always have to be explained, it only has to be viewed.

Harrod Blank’s Camera Van






Via: [Walyou]

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